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March 21, 2017

Hi everyone!

We’re so excited that you’re taking some time to learn about us. For our second post, Chef John and I wanted to explain the meaning behind our business name, and how it encourages us to bring the best experiences to our clients. Our name isn’t just a name; it’s a personalized illustration of who we are and what we love to do. My husband and I have many things in common, but the one that stands out the most has always been our love for food.

John and I both love to cook, and we especially love to cook for others. We make our recipes over and over until they’re perfect — sometimes, it can even seem a little obsessive! But a healthy obsession is what makes you fluent in the things you do. In the dictionary, to be fluent is to express oneself easily and articulately. Because my husband and I express ourselves the most vividly through our love of food, our name seemed obvious: Fords Fluent N’ Food.

We don’t think food, is just something to eat: we believe it’s a passion that can bring people together. When family and friends come over for our dinner parties, we always make sure to create a personalized menu. Chef John spends time thinking about what he wants to make, and we toss ideas around between the two of us until we feel confident that we have the best selections for our guests. John has been making menus for years to meet the needs of clients and guests — his knack for making tailored menus helps add a curated flair to parties, events, and even casual dinners. The dishes he imagines complement each other to become a delicious spread of amazing, fresh food that people can’t stop talking about!

The idea for Fords Fluent N’ Food started years ago. I thought about starting our own business often because I knew how talented Chef John was, and I knew he would do his best work when he was bringing clients together with his creativity. No matter what anyone said about the difficulty of taking this path, I knew it would happen one day — and it did! The vision I imagined for so long became a reality three months ago, and we never looked back. The Fords are Fluent N’ Food.

We are fortunate to use our passion and creativity to celebrate our clients’ special events every day. It is the best feeling in the world when our clients hug us and tell us we have made their special occasion extra memorable. People will always remember how good the food is! We are beyond excited to see what’s in store for the future.

Always cook from the heart,

Natasha Ford 


April 22, 2017

First, I want to thank you for supporting Fords Fluent N’ Food. It’s really funny — when people used to ask me, “Chef John, how are you?” I would always reply, “Living the dream.” Well, now I am “living the dream,” and I’m happy that our loving supporters have helped me to do so. Thank you!

My parents often say that I took the “scenic route,” meaning I journeyed down many paths before finding my true passion. I have had every role in the restaurant; I have been a busser, dishwasher, server, manager, line cook, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, and now, an entrepreneur. Looking back, I do not miss some of the jobs I had in the past - but they were the first steps to my humble beginnings.


My very first job was at an Italian restaurant where I was a busser. I worked my butt off for my tips, and by the end of the night I would go home and pass out. It was hard work, but it was honest work, and I was proud of my earnings. At my next job, I was a dishwasher at Shoney’s. Boy, did those dishes pile up, and I will never forget the amount of syrup in that restaurant — I had to scrub the heck out of those sticky plates. By the time I left the job, the very sight of syrup was revolting. I then worked as a server and a manager for a couple of years, but I knew I belonged in the kitchen.


Throughout high school and college, I loved to cook for my friends and family. They often told me how great the food was, but I never thought anything of it. Later, my best friend, Jacob, encouraged me to enroll in culinary school. Still unsure, I discussed the subject with my parents, causing them to nearly fall out of their chairs. “Culinary school,” my dad said. “Are you sure you are going to stick this, though?” After some deliberation, they decided to give me a chance to pursue this dream. They secretly knew I had a gift.

After culinary school, I spent many years working in the kitchen as a line cook. Pop’s Trattoria was the restaurant that gave me my lucky break — I finally got promoted to Sous Chef. I worked weekends, holidays, and pretty much every birthday in my 20s, but that was the starting point that allowed me to become an Executive Chef and, eventually, achieve my goal of owning my own business. 


Chefs work hard — shoot, we bust our asses — but a true chef is a passionate individual with an insatiable love for food. Food is fundamental and makes us happy, but food also brings families, friends, and entire communities together.


The bottom line is: being a chef is very hard work, but when you put your heart and soul into something, and you believe great things will come no matter what anyone says, you will prosper. I have had people doubt me and my abilities, but I never gave up. Life is not guaranteed to be easy, but it is how you react to the negative that will shape who you are. 

Always cook from the heart,

Chef John Ford

Fluent N’ Presentation, Quality & Service

Why Hiring a Professional Caterer is Essential

November 26, 2017

You just got engaged! Millions of thoughts are flooding your brain. There are many things to consider when you start planning your special wedding day. Of course, there are many decisions that need to be made – one being the food. There are so many intricate, delicate & strategic steps that go into catering. Many people do not understand the level of care, creativity and hard work that goes into it. At Fords Fluent N’ Food we understand this delicate situation and ensure the implementation is carefully constructed. Not only does the menu have to be created, but there is often much back-and-forth conversation between Chef John and the client to ensure that the menu is top-notch and personalized to you. On the day of the event, timelines are a must in order for everyone to enjoy the best food. Every 15 minutes that goes over- the food is being overcooked and being left out – which is not good. Food is delicate and must be treated with care, every minute that it is not attended to, it begins to lack its luster. There is another element that we add to your catering experience- we add table décor to buffet tables. Yes, we dress up the food. At Fords Fluent N’ Food we say ‘you eat with your eyes.’ When the food is placed on a beautifully decorated table, it elevates the food experience.

Often time’s venues do not have kitchens, so another delicate step is ensuring we have all the tools to make sure your food is kept at the right temps ensuring it is health department approved. We are always making sure the integrity of the food maintains its first-rate status. It is important all kitchen cooking tools are readily visible on-site such as steam tables, burners, butane fuel, prep tables, convection ovens – that’s just the beginning. We pretty much bring a kitchen in Oregano (the name of our commercial vehicle). This kind of work must be performed by a professional. Professional Chefs who have worked in the restaurants know every in and out of executing food the proper way. Chef John has been working in the restaurants for over a decade. His ability to time manage food without overcooking it is the level of professionality you need at your wedding. Yes, hiring a professional caterer might not seem feasible, but there is a very big aspect of the wedding people will never forget– the food. When you have crappy food, it’s memorable, but in all the wrong ways. Mediocre food doesn’t have much of a cheerleading squad, but excellent food tops the charts. People are happy when they are full and satisfied. This is why hiring the right caterer is essential to your wedding budget.

Scientists have proven that when we eat mind-blowing food, we release pretty powerful chemicals in our brain – specifically, dopamine. Dopamine is what contributes to our happy thoughts, and happy thoughts bring about a good time! Food is very important. Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia was pretty spot on with that statement. S. Truett Cathy, the owner of Chick-fila-A, said, “Food is essential therefore it must be good.” Yes, there are many caterers and various options for getting your food, but the one thing you must consider is, who is the best? Who is the most professional? Who cares about you the most and doesn’t want to nickel and dime you to death? Who do you connect with? Those things matter. At Fords Fluent N’ food Catering, we believe in excellent service, top-notch food cuisine and the beauty of your food experience. We are an open book and invite you to get to know us better. Learn more about us at FluentNFood.com. If you want to see more beautiful food pictures, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Stay hungry my friends!

Natasha Ford

Owner/Creative Director

The Wedding Planner: The Caterer’s Perspective

March 8th, 2018

We are very excited to chat about this subject. This is not your typical blog. This blog is short, sweet and to the point. I have heard many different people discuss the importance of a wedding planner and the roles that they play. I will tell one thing- when you are planning an event with over 100 people you need a team – a wedding dream team as I like to call it. To pull off a wedding, you need a team of wedding professionals to ensure the execution and the overall flow is flawless. Chef and I have worked at many events, and have grown a great respect and understanding for the wedding planner. From the timelines - to understanding how long each segment of a wedding runs, to even understanding the caterer and their needs. My point is quite simple, if you want an efficient experience, hire a wedding planner. They are the voice, the time ticker and the go-to that you need so you can enjoy your special day. 

From a caterer’s perspective, the wedding planner is ESSENTIAL. We typically have our own logistics and coordination to handle. Food is extremely important to us – we treat it with delicacy. The wedding planner will guide us and the bride & groom from where we should set up – to whether the couple should go plated or buffet according to the space they have for their venue – and even more tedious details on whether if it’s necessary to have a salad plate or not. We often tell our brides and the planners that there are so many logistics from a caterer’s standpoint. From menus - to appropriate staffing, buffet table décor, the actual execution of cooking - including the execution of the event from all vendor perspectives takes a team of people, and the wedding planner helps bring it all back together.

That’s not all; the planner is the point-of-contact for every vendor that is in the wedding. It is important to find out if the planner and the vendors have worked together before. If they have, they know each other’s work styles and ethics - thus creating a smooth work environment. If the planner and the other vendors haven’t worked together that is okay too. We are professionals, and we should know the ends and outs of every intricate moment of your special event. So, you get my point, right? If you find yourself asking whether or not a planner is necessary, rethink every intricate detail of your wedding. You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Hire the wedding dream team to make your special day unforgettable.


Natasha Ford

Owner/Creative Director