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Chef-Action Stations

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In the #Wedding & #Events Industry, Chef action stations are one of the hottest trends in the market today. #Chef Action stations allow guests to choose various toppings that are quite delicious! 


It is our job to create a jaw-dropping menu for you and accompany it with a beautiful display that will truly wow your guests. 
After choosing your Décor Experience (complimentary), we style the table and signage for your wedding food stations to make everything shine bright! 

Elegant #plateddinners and casual #buffets continue to be popular, but today’s party guest wants a little excitement! And stations never disappoint!


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 Pasta Station


Incorporating Chef-Action stations into your #wedding #reception can create a fun experience for you and your guests!  
At Fluent N’ Food, we are creating “interactive #culinary #foodie experiences”! Not only are they fun and tasty, but these food stations allow for #foodie interaction with the #chefs. #Foodnetwork made that very popular these days! 🙂

Food Action stations are great for guests who just want to be on the go all the while mingling with family and friends and dancing the night away!! 

Taking the traditional buffet one step further, each station is attended by a chef who can plate your meal and suggest what to pair it with.


One of our most popular stations is our Ramen Station, which offers a variety of fresh meats and Veggies.

Ramen Station



Or how about an Egg Roll Station? Choose between the Buffalo Chicken Egg Roll, YEA MON, or The Carolina, then watch Chef fry a delicious, warm savory treat!  



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Egg Roll Station – The FFF Way!


Want to keep the #dinner buffet a bit tamer and save the best show for last? Our 

interactive #sweet #treat #stations never disappoint!  



Scratch-made Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake


Smores and Bananas Foster are what we’re talking about!! Not only are they delicious, but your guest will be Wowed! This will truly be a lasting memory for all. #Eat & #Enjoy Life! 


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–  Meredith Watkins

Food & Events Manager 

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