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 Why Hiring a Professional Caterer is Essential

You’re engaged! Millions of thoughts are flooding your brain. There are many things to consider when planning your special wedding day. Not to be biased, but the food is very important!

There are so many intricate, delicate & strategic steps that go into catering. Many people do not understand the level of care, creativity and hard work that goes into it. At Fords Fluent N’ Food we understand this delicate situation. Flawless execution is the backbone of our business!

What are your favorite types of food? People, often times want to incorporate their favorite foods into their menus. Chef John is happy to create a menu that is top-notch and personalized to you. The weddings we have catered have had a variety of cuisines such as – Indian Cuisine, Korean Cuisine, Southern Cuisine and so much more!


Food is delicate and must be treated with care, every minute that it is not attended to, it begins to lack its luster.  At Fords Fluent N’ Food we say ‘you eat with your eyes.’ When the food is decorated beautifully, it elevates the food experience for you and your guests!

Often time’s venues do not have kitchens, so another delicate step to ensuring your food is flawless is ensuring we have all the tools to make sure your food is kept at the right temps, while always maintaining health department standards. We are always making sure the integrity of your food maintains a five-star status.

 We pretty much bring a kitchen in Oregano (the name of our commercial vehicle). Professional Chefs who have worked in restaurants know every in and out of executing food the proper way for a high volume event.


Chef John has been working in restaurants for over a decade. His ability to time manage food without overcooking it is the level of professionality you need at your wedding. Yes, hiring a professional caterer is essential to your special day. People will never forget the food. When you have crappy food, it’s memorable, but in all the wrong ways.

Mediocre food doesn’t have much of a cheerleading squad, but excellent food tops the charts. Your guests will be the biggest cheerleaders! This is why hiring the right caterer is essential to your wedding budget.

Real Weddings: Honoring Family Through Food

Scientists have proven when we eat mind-blowing food, we release pretty powerful chemicals in our brain – specifically, dopamine. Dopamine is what contributes to our happy thoughts, and happy thoughts bring about a good time! Food is very important.

Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia was pretty spot on with that statement.

“Food is essential to life, therefore it must be good,” said S. Truett Cathy. He is the man behind the billion-dollar franchise Chick-Fil-A.


There are many caterers and various options for getting your food, but, who is the best? Who cares about you the most and doesn’t want to nickel and dime you to death? Who do you connect with? Those things matter.

At Fords Fluent N’ food Catering, we believe in excellent service, top-notch food cuisine and the beauty of your food experience. We are an open book and invite you to get to know us better. Learn more about us at FluentNFood.com. If you want to see more beautiful food pictures, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Stay hungry my friends! As always, Eat & Enjoy life!


Natasha Ford

Owner/Creative Director

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